It's about time for... HUMMUS!


One of the special delights of getting to know Israel is its many "Hummusiyot" (hummus diners) all over the country, where you can always get a fresh, fragrant and flavorful plate of hummus.


But just imagine making this delight more than an exotic local experience - imagine learning in a fun, tasty and detailed class all about making your own perfect hummus dish at home!


In this class i will teach you all the screts for great home-made hummus, including every step of the way: from the method of picking hummus, soaking it, cooking it, to the essential spices, the right method of blending, plus - how to make the popular hot-and-sour dressing that accompanies it, the pickles that go on the side, and much more!


So come get your hummus skills on, in a fun & efficient 2 hours hummus class in my lovely kitchen!



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My name is Imbar Rogea - i'm a vegetarian health food chef, with a long-term commitment to teach the world how to nourish itself with the freshest, best, most nourishing ingredients around.


For 3 years i made and sold hummus when i used to live abroad. it took a lot of experimentation in the beginning until i reached my perfect recipe, but i persisted and i found it... these days i don't manufacture hummus myself, i just share all the hummus secrets that i learned on the way with whoever wants to learn!